Re: Jaford-Jr's post "Dilema"

Re: Jaford-Jr's post "Dilema"

For some reason your other post was closed so I couldn't reply.

I think what you were leading to was that you don't have a snare, a ride, a hi-hat, or a crash, so you were asking what you should think about getting first, right?

I agree that first priority should be a practice pad, just because it's portable, cheap, and you can use it away from the drum set.

Once you get your practice pad, then I'd recommend getting a hi-hat next. There's a lot you can do with just a hi-hat, a practice pad (using it like a snare drum), and your bass drum. Being able to have those three key elements will help you with all of the coordination and independance practice that you mentioned before.

In fact, that's the next piece I'm adding to my little practice setup (I don't have a drumkit at all - just a practice pad and a pair of sticks!)

After the hi-hat, I would go snare, then ride, then crash.

Hope this helps, good luck!