Rare Zildjian Cymbal

I have an A. Zildjian ping ride from the 70's. It has a hollow Zildjian logo on the bottom. It is an 18 inch. It is in good condition. I can't find any others that I can compare prices with. How much is it worth?

As I already said, I can't find any other cymbals like this one to compare prices with. That means ebay and all the other websites like that have no ping rides from the 70's, especially 18''. I'm pretty sure it's rare. I've never seen another one before.
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Agreed, a 70's A isn't considered rare, and not really worth anymore than any other used A from the 80's or 90's.

As said, check ebay and just look at all the used 18" A's of all models, and take an average price.

Although an 18" Ping ride was never a popular choice, so it may be worth less than the average price on the open market.

So in that way, it is kind of rare, but rare doesn't always mean desirable.