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My advice it to play both kits if you can.If thats impossible,I would do some research using customer reviews as your information base.I have played the Tama Silverstars and I own vintage Tama Superstars,but have not played Odery drums so my opinion will be somewhat bias toward Tama.They sound and look great,have excellent hardware,and their build quality exceeds their price point.You're also comparing birch(Tama)shells to maple/basswood.Kind of apples and oranges.

Their resale value should also exceed Odery,so to me its a no brainer.Good luck.

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Tama Silverstar Jazz 650 GBP = 1018 USD


Odery Fluence Jazz 418 GBP = 654 USD ? special price.

Both with Hardware.

Please Help, need this kit to play little rock.