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Just a quick question regarding kit configuration: how far is you snare from you bass drum, and how far is your throne from your bass drum.

I ask this because the way i mount my toms(on the bassdrum) doesnt let me get very close to the bassdrum and i wanted to know about everybody else's, i might buy a tomrack to compensate


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Whatever works best for you is the best position answer. I sit high up and I put my bass drum kinda far away. My knee is a few inches behind the heal of my footboard, not over it. I bring my rack toms and snare as close to my throne as I can. My snare almost touches my throne. My snare is slightly to the left of my small rack tom. I keep my mounted toms about 6 inches apart from each other. Most drummers put them closer. A rack will allow you to get closer to your bass drum and also keep your toms close together. I would suggest trying a rack first to see if you will like it better.