Questions with shipping a bunch of cymbals in an SBK case:


Pad and cushion the cymbals the best you can inside the case, and then pad/cushion the case inside of another box before shipping. I work as a package/mail sorting clerk for USPS, and no matter how many "FRAGILE" stamps are on a box, things are going to get thrown around, dropped, etc...

Although, a bunch of cymbals inside a case is going to be pretty heavy so I wouldn't worry about it being thrown or crushed. But you can't be too careful when it comes to shipping anything.


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When Zildjian ships from a factory to a store, they put each cymbals in a thin plastic bag, then put them into a cardboard box.

If you ship them as described, you would be doing more than Zildjian themselves do when shipping.

So, yes, they'd be fine.


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Hey Folks,

Super long time lurker here, finally signed up. I bought a bunch of cymbals from my brother (who's in Texas - I'm in Minnesota). He's barely ever used them - I got everything for $500.

16" Zildjian A medium thin crash

18" Zildjian A medium crash

14" set of New Beat Hi-Hats

22" Sabian Paragon Ride

SBK Cymbal case

Do you folks think that if they are packed correctly in the case (using the pads included to separate them), then having the case bubblewrapped and put in a carton - that everything would be ok to ship via USPS or UPS to Minnesota from TX?

Do you think each of the cymbals in the case should have added protection too? (I was thinking of each one wrapped with thin foam sheets, then using the included pads to separate the cymbals in the case. Not sure about that though.)

Or is this overkill?