Questions on building custom drum kit

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This is my first post, but I've been surfing this forum for years. I've been playing for about 13 years and I've owned various kits over the years, Ludwig rocker, pearl world series, pearl session series, Roland TD-12S and finally my current kit - Sonor SSE Rock 22 kit.

I've recently developed an interest in crafting my own custom kit. I love my current Sonor Kit, not because it sounds even remotely professional, but because it is well-built, sturdy and the set-up/size of the drums fit my style perfectly. If you're unfamiliar with these kits, it's a 5-piece including:

14x5.5 Snare (not totally sure on the depth)
12x8 rack tom
14x12 floor tom
16x14 floor tom
20x22 virgin bass

The black chrome hardware is built to last and very well engineered. The only problem I have with this kit could possibly be attributed to its basswood shells. There is such a narrow tuning range. It takes hours of tuning them to find that "sweet spot" but once the heads wear in a bit, they sound like cardboard boxes.

I've been kicking around the idea of purchasing Keller VSS all maple shells, staining them myself and transferring the hardware from my Sonor kit. My first idea is to get shells that are the same depth or close to my Sonor kit. I'm a very handy guy and in no rush, so I'm confident that I can do a good job on them.

I guess my question is, is this a ridiculous idea? In my mind, the basswood shells from my Sonor Kit aren't where the value is, but rather in the hardware. So rather than selling my kit and buying all new hardware, it would probably be more cost effective to reuse the hardware I already have. Especially since i plan to reuse the same sizes.

Anyway, any thoughts based on previous experience, opinions or guidance is appreciated.

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