question for all drummers

what do u do when u feel that.. due to practical reasons.. you have been already trying since long( 1year).. no matter how much you try.. but you are not able to practically peruse your drumming... even when you know thats the only thing you like from the bottom of your heart.

please reply.


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Sorry, I don't quite understand your post, do you mean that due to practical reasons you HAVE to give up drumming? It depends what practical reasons... If you are paralyzed from the shoulders down, then that is horrible, but tough I guess. However, I assume thats not why you 'have' to give up.

What is the reason? If it is noise pollution or something... you could transfer to an e-kit. If theres no room whatsoever, if you truly love drumming you could stick to a practice pad temporarily. Or even something like a Roland Octapad.


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Are you saying after 1 year you dont think your progressing? if so look for a teacher..if not possible there are tons of free drum lessons on line like

Grant C.

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If it is the only thing that you like from the bottom of your heart, then there has got to be a way to make it work. It is a scheduling issue? It is a noise issue? Is it an ability issue? These are all things that can be worked through. If you really love dumming, then stick with it and give things a chance to work out. You mentioned one year. One year what? I have been playing for forty-three years and have had quite a bit of success. But it didn't come overnight; and it didn't come in a year. It took a lot of hard work and dedication. Without knowing all of the details, my advice is don't give up on yourself. As one wise man has said......"whether you think you can or can''re right". Meaning your attitude determines everything. Hang in there...... give yourself a chance.
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Sounds to me like what the person is saying is they want to play the drums with all their heart but it just isn't working out because of something.

Many people just can't get the hang of drumming. Their body and brain is not wired or equipped with a sense of timing or the coordination to handle what it takes to play drums.

I'm not sure I'd give up after only one year, though.


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Hey, I know how you feel. I'm not sure what your reason is, but for me, I'm constantly surrounded by drummers who are better than me. They can do things with ease that take me weeks to master. Sometimes I'll see them practicing and I'm blown away by some lick or fat groove or something. It's reallly easy for me to lose sight of my goals and wish I was someone else. It can be hard to see progress, but think of it this way: you hair is constantly growing but you see yourself everyday and don't even notice it. Every second spent on the drums is progress. The more strokes the more comfortable you will get. So keep practicing, and DON'T give up. Keep your chin up. Glad to know I'm not the only one.
thanks for your replies people.

in my case.. it like.. no support from anyone.!

i am a 18 yrs old kid. been drumming since 2 years... last year i bought a beginner swingstars for myself.

but its like.. no one.! neither my parents.. nor my subordinates.. nor the people around me are supportive in any sense

about my parents.. they neither take interest in supporting me.. rather force me emotionally to quit drumming and get indulged in long term terrible academics.

around me... they are not bothered by the noise pollution.. because never the less .. its always going around in my locality for some or the other reason.. but they are more bothered by THE KIND OF INSTRUMENT thats making the noise.

ive been too much burdened by academics... i have got only drummin in my life.. no other things i feel i find pleasure in. being a teenager.. the last movie i watched in theaters was 2 and half years back.

how to come out of this depression.!!


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Please try again and explain in English what question you are asking. It really does help to use proper syntax and grammer so we understand you. As a teenager we don't want to be accused of not lending a sympathetic ear.



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So what you are saying is no one is supporting you and are guilt tripping you into giving up the only thing you have that you love to do? If that's the case, here's my two cents worth...

You should keep playing. It's rough when anyone makes you feel like less of a person for anything, let alone something you love to do. But at some point you have to decide for yourself what YOU like to do, and do it. Doesn't mean it has to be all you do 24 hours a day 7 days a week, but you could probably find some time somewhere to jam a little without anyone bothering you. And you said you are 18, which means you will soon probably be living on your own, in which case, who will even know?

It sucks when your parents don't support the things you love to do. I've been there, trust me. But it's you're choice ultimately, and there's millions of people that play music that WILL support you.




If you really love it, make sure you do not get put off!
Even if you are still studying, keep playing.
Many of us have full time jobs and have to spend extra hours working, but still keep pushing to improve on the drums. I get really frustrated with myself sometimes as I started really late. I wish I had been able to start when I was much now, I might even have been pretty good!

One great thing about drums for people that have lots of other stuff to do (such as studying or non-music work) is that the drums is a GREAT way to relax and take the pressure off. It's perfect therapy (long as you keep those ears protected!). As they say - Work hard - Play hard! That's certainly the secret to doing better work and keeping refreshed and up for each new day. Same with study, I'm sure.

It's tough trying to keep going when nobody seems to understand, but keep it up. You may be surprised to find that as you get better, the attitude of these people starts to change, and they may end up being your biggest fans.

Have fun and don't give in!


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I received no support for my drumming from family at any stage. I was grateful that they at least gave me tolerance with gritted teeth. My guess is that only a small minority of parents are supportive of their child's wish to be a musician for a living, probably for good reason. Some are not supportive of them wanting to play music in rock / contemporary music per se.

If you love doing it , do it, whether you get support or not. In the 80s it was incredibly hard to become a pro rock or pop musician - only a tiny minority succeeded. It's probably even harder today. But no one can stop you from playing for love.


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Can you convince your parents that it's just a hobby, even if you think of it as more than that?
I didn't get all the support from my family and peers when I started, either. I'm sure many of us have had that problem, so you just have to power through and get your practicing in where and when you can. In a few years when you're on your own, you can start playing with other musicians who tend to be much more supportive.

Please try again and explain in English what question you are asking. It really does help to use proper syntax and grammer so we understand you.
Can you communicate in Hindi? Cut him slack; it's not that hard to understand his problem if you're not so busy being critical of grammar. It just comes off a bit rude and unaccommodating.


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I feel bad for you my brother. I can imagine the oppressive atmosphere in which you must try to play. It sounds like your family wants to control you. You have to stand your ground now, or if that is too problematic, postpone your playing to a time when you are more in control of your life.
I am in no way advising you to drop your academics. Making a living from your drumset is not a very good bet these days. But for a source of happiness, relief from life and your parents, there is nothing better than playing the drums.


I also got no support from family. And my lack of confidence didn't help - but playing drums was a passion with me, and I stuck at it, and boy I'm glad I did.
Many parents don't understand that making a big deal of something they don't approve of, at this age, just pushes the kid further away from them, and often into rebellion for its own sake! ( which is not good, but happens)
After all, at 18, you're legally an adult, and should be making your own choices - and if they didn't get you sorted by now it's too late!!! :eek:)

A friend of mine had a son whom he worried about because instead of pursuing a lucrative career, and he certainly had the brains for it, he wanted to be a musician.
He told me about it later, and he said the lad had finally said, but dad, I just want to be happy. He had no argument for that, and his son did pursue a career in music - has a day job in a music shop now, and 3 bands I think - and he IS happy.



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I dealt with this exact same thing. I wanted to pursue music as a career and study drumming for the rest of my life. My parents obviously didn't approve. So this is what I did.. I went to college to pursue Mechanical Engineering and get a real job with a real paycheck, but I also stayed in band and studying my ass of on the drums as well. Now that I'm out of school I really enjoy my lifestyle. I do the 8-5 thing during the week, and on weekends I gig with the local bands I'm in. I was never interested in 'going pro', I just love drumming. So this is perfect for me, I drum all the time, and I have money.


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Well, you can feel sorry for yourself, or, you can go play the drums. I recommend the latter. Making a living playing music or in any artistic pursuit is really tough. Do what you have to, and keep playing drums till you can't play no more.


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I'm in the same boat bro. I just continue to keep everyone happy, keep my grades where they need to be and commit my heart to drums. I'll never be as good as I want either, but that's how I motivate myself to get better ;)

Good luck with pursuing some sort of drumming life!