question about Thomas Pridgen style


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Not all of them, surely?

When you say 'grooves' what do you mean? Do you mean in solos?


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Not all of them, surely?
I would agree.

He comes from a very gospel chops oriented background and is a very "busy" player, so I think it makes some of his 4/4 grooves sound like they might be in odd time signatures.

Most of the time when I listen to him, I can't tell what he's doing time-wise.


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Got any particular songs in mind? He plays a ton of stuff in odd time, but also he's pretty clever about making even straight time sound both odd and groovy. "Teflon" from Octehedron is a good example of that.
I also notice that Thomas does a lot of syncopation. He places the snare accent in various spots which gives his music a unique feel which i love


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There's a heavy latin/afro-cuban vibe in his playing, I recall him mentioning in an interview that he studied a lot with Walfredo Reyes Jr. Although like with many gospel drummers, they can play daaaaaaaamn fast, so when you him in particular you're not too sure what's going on. For example listen to any piece of latin music and then try and speed it up in your brain as fast as possible and it'll probably sound something like what Pridgen plays.

It's kind of odd when he plays a standard beat. Below is a video of him at church when he was 16 with a very different style of playing; it's chopalicious.
My dad thinks he's better than Thomas Pridgen and he hailes Gary Chester and I'm like "Dad... Just no"
My dad's grooves lack and he doesn't listen to much drummers and thinks if he see's someone on the TV do a quick double and snare accent then their amazing.

But yeah, I used to think Neil Pearts stuff were in odd time sigs like ALWAYS but I was wrong. Prog is a funny and great genre.


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Me too! Take a track like this ... there's some odd time stuff going on there at times but a lot of it is in 6/8, often obscured by all his crazy accents. He's flipping the beat every which way.

If he's being paid by the note he probably lives in a mansion with a gold-plated swimming pool :)
That was the first time I had heard or seen anything by TMV. I was floored that anything that nutty made it onto network TV. I'm so used to Nickelstaind, Hoobadust or System Against The Beastie Peppers being the regular mush they serve on shows like that.

I bought the album shortly thereafter.


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I've never understood the fuss about this guy or TMV. Just not my thing, I guess. Maybe I'll change my mind down the road somewhere.


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Not a fan of most of the insane prog-metal stuff. i have to say I really appreciate Pridgen and the Mars Volta, however. I like how they work a Latin/Afro-Cuban vibe into a lot of their stuff. And Thomas Pridgen has that gospel background. At times it's a bit pretentious, but I like a lot of it.


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I've never understood the fuss about this guy or TMV. Just not my thing, I guess. Maybe I'll change my mind down the road somewhere.

Pridgen is definitely a monster......but a bit over the top pretty most of the gospel players today are.....

I prefer Jon Theodores drumming with Mars Volta to any of their other drummers