Question about moving my kit around


Hey all, new here, VERY new to the world of drumming, and have what might be an ignorant question....

I have a Pearl Rhythm Traveler, and its permanent home is in my husband and I's bedroom - the only place in the house it would "fit". I know that some drum kits are designed to be dismantled and set back up for gigs (hence *Traveler*) but does that have any effect on the drums?
The reason I'm asking is that I have my first lesson Wednesday, and I don't think I (or the young male teacher) would feel very comfortable practicing in the kit's current location.
So, if I move the kit into the living room once a week, will it have any effects on the tonal quality of the drums, wear down the connecting hardware, etc? Just moving back and forth away from the wall to play it has all but destroyed the felt where the kick pedal is supposed to slide onto the bass. And don't get me started on trying to tune the darn things....
Any advice would be greatly appreciated - as I said, I couldn't be more new to the drumming world, but man, I am so happy to finally be here!


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They're meant to be moved. You'll be fine. No worries.

Congrats on your new journey and especially the lessons! They will help you improve much faster than on your own!

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It will just give you practice breaking down and setting up so, when you go on the road next year, you will be all ready.

I'd suggest also carrying them around the house a few times and stuffing them into your vehicle.
My suggestion is 'get used to the fact that, like a new car, it WILL get scratched and dinged. No matter how careful you are.'

with that empowering thought, go ahead and move em! Heck, try new configurations while you do, see what feels more natural and fun for you. See what looks more pleasing to your eye.

Cymbal stands are meant to go up and down, kick drum legs are meant to get put out and back. If for some reason something gets too worn, you can always replace that small part, no problem.

I used one kit for the past 10 years, played countless gigs, in multiple practice spaces and studios, in many different vans, small cars, trailers, etc. and all the same pieces still work fine.

you'll be fine moving it from room to room. I'd be more worried about the doorways and hallways getting scratched than your drums.

smile and play :)



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I used to own a Rhythm Traveler kit and if there ever was a kit that was designed to be moved from room to room that is the one.
I shallow bass drum is perfect for fitting through doorways and the lightweight mounted toms make that task even easier.
Moving about the house is what your kit does best.


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You'll be tempted to carry it in one go. My advice is to take the toms off at least to keep the lift to a managable weight etc.

Good call on not having the lessons in a bedroom.

Otherwise enjoy the journey and remember ... practice.



Thanks for easing my mind...I did take the toms off to move it; as light as it is with the toms its a little bulky for me.

I had it all set up in the living room with a new rug under it and music stand ready to go...only to get a text from my instructor that he was sick...sniff sniff.

Now its back in the bedroom, but facing the window...that way I don't have to keep moving away from the window to squeeze behind it to practice. (As you can see, its a REALLY small space)



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i am new here too....but gear is designed to be carted around. I have a yamaha beech custom bought new in 98 and that kit has been stripped down and set up for gigs around 1,000 times and everything is fine including the hardware. Drums are tough they are meant to be handled roughly and hit hard.

as for a wife who drums and set of drums in the bedroom. Most male drummers would say that's the perfect scenario ! (sorry)

Joseph "Stix" Davis

I recommend taking the toms off and sliding the bass drum to the spot in the other room. You don't have to carry the bass drum and your floor doesn't get scratched. If you need to frequently move your kit outside of your house for whatever reason, get a cargo cart. Those are amazing.


as for a wife who drums and set of drums in the bedroom. Most male drummers would say that's the perfect scenario ! (sorry)
No need to apologize. :) My husband has to be the most musically talented person that doesn't know how to play an instrument, but he was gung ho when I mentioned I wanted to learn how to play the drums. Now I just have to get him playing the guitar his mom got him for Christmas a few years ago.