Question about hole spacing


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OK, So I'm re-doing a Pearl Tiger's Eye kit and the new lugs I bought for the toms are just the tiniest bit too small for the hole spacing. It's close but the lugs won't fit snugly in the holes at this point. I'm thinking about using a rasp and gently enlarging the top of the bottom hole to get these to fit. It's so close I don't think it will be a problem...but. Before I do anything stupid is there another way to do this or just go for it?


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If you have a file small enough, that would work. If you have a drill you could drill each hole larger in very small increments by using consecutively larger bits. Just make sure the area around the holes in the lug has enough area to cover the enlarged holes. If the distance is as close as you say that shouldn’t be an issue. And if you ever sell, the holes will all be round and uniformly sized. :)


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Is the diameter proper for the lugs or screws? If so, only enlarge up or down. Don't make the entire hole bigger or they may rattle in time. You can take a drill bit of the same diameter , or a rasp, and work on one end only. Do either the top of all holes or the bottom. That will keep the lugs the same distance from the hoops all of the way around.