Quality 14" Cymbal Bag

double bass man

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I have a pair of Zildjian 14" Hi-Hat cymbals and I am looking for a quality carrying bag. I have searched the web and apparently no one seems to make a bag for 14" cymbals. Does such a bag exist? What is the nearest size. There are lots of makes of bag out there from cheap to more expensive---Can you recommend a good make with good padding?


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I am not aware of anyone makng a stand alone bag specifically for hi hat cymbals.

You may want to look for a small lap top or a tablet case. Some padding, not too large. Would probably fit into a larger cymbal bag.

They also make pretty nice cymbal bags that have an outside pocket just for hi hat cymbals. May be an option if you don't already have a cymbal bag or case.


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What was wrong with the bag linked in your other thread?

To be honest, that's the only 14" bag I've ever seen. Until that thread, I didn't know they existed.


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I know that gear companies like gear heads because gear heads like gear and all, but that seems really specialized/unnecessary. It's like having a separate bag for your snare stand...


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I have a 16" bag. I got it in a lot that I bought years ago. It seems to be leather and I use it to hold my extra pairs of hihats. I will check it for identifying marks when I have a chance.