Putting the band together - thoughts?


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What do you consider the most important things when it comes to putting a band together and auditioning folks? A singer and I have a similar vision of a band that rehearses weekly, and plays a music selection that combines good party music and more difficult music. We want to escape the standard party repertoire, challenge ourselves, play creative arrangements, and entertain the crowd.

So my thoughts as we look at other players are that one, we want to make sure prospects understand clearly what our vision is, our rehearsal and preparation requirements, and furnish them with a representative set list. Getting a group to all buy in to the same idea is the biggest challenge, so before dragging players into the basement to audition we want to make sure we're thinking what they're thinking, etc. We'll ask them to put together maybe four songs. I really don't want to bust anyone's balls to prep for an audition without giving them a clear picture.

Any thoughts on how you've successfully put a band together? Do our ideas appear sound? What am I missing?