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hey there guys!
just wondering if any of you owned a drum made from this type of wood?
from what i read, its a really hard wood, how is the sound like?


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I'm interested too. I have plans to make a 7 x 13 snare from a Vaughncraft shell during the summer (after I get some other things out of the way).

Some years ago, I built a bass guitar body from this stuff. It is very hard and dense. Not as hard as things like Koa or Teak but heavier. The bass would break your back but sounded amazing. Very deep and solid. Very even throughout the low register. It just made a Les Paul seem light.

In a snare, I expect that it would keep that same solid bottom end while being hard enough to have the projection of other moderately hard woods like bubinga (which Alembic was using in bass guitars 20 years ago).

So, if anyone has already played with this stuff, it would be interesting to hear how it worked out. I might change the proportions of my experiment.


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Lots of projection, closer to a metal snare than wood...

4 x 14 w/ 24k gold hardware

Another one, 6.5 x14 w/ 24k gold hardware upper left...



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that is the perfect size, finish, and hardware for a snaren drum. im in love.
now thats a nice snare...
from what i read, purple heart is extremely hard and dense, and is also extremely hard to work with

Purpleheart is harder than maple, but not real hard. It is not hard to work, but it will burn easy when sanding. You just have to take your time.... good things come to those who wait..