Puresound Snare Wires - not laying straight?


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I recently swapped out my heads and wires on my black panther snare to a 24 brass puresound custom. At first, when testing, seemed fine.

After a couple of hours use, they became flabby and loose sounding so I turned the tension dials up to maximum, assuming I'd messed up somehow. I then later adjusted the tension either side of the wires in an effort to reduce snare buzz, again got that flabby sound. A quick refit of the wires semi cured this but I had to retension the reso head uniformly or itd revert to poor contact between head and snare.

Later I thought I'd try a different reso head tension to see what sounds I can get out (just experimenting). Nothing too drastic, just turned each reso rod about half a turn. Again, wires go flabby with higher reso tension.

Is this normal?! These new wires seem REALLY sensitive to reso head tension. Unless it's in the goldilocks zone, and evenly tensioned, the wires lose contact and become useless. I seem to have very limited tuning options if I want the wires to sound anything other than horrible.

They are the cotter pin style wires, and to my mind I'm not entirely sure that one end is dead straight, almost like the pin / strap join isn't good. I realise pics would help so will sort some tomorrow if people ask.

My question: is this normal to be so sensitive to reso head tuning? Is the puresound cotter pin attachment a universally acclaimed idea or have others had issues of this kind? I'm a relative noob to snare wires, having used only stock wires with mylar straps til now. Any ideas welcome...


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Have you ever had issues with this snare with other wires, like the previous ones you had on the snare? I have not used the cotter pin style straps that Puresound uses, but did you try swapping in a plain ‘ole Mylar strap, like what may have been on the previous snares? Have you tried taking the wires off and laying them on a table to see if any of the wires are bent or if the mounting plates could be slightly askew?


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I have the same one on my Sledgehammer and have had no issues with it. Seems it may not be laying right to begin with. I had this issue with my 30 strand where they would get a funky twist when I’d get tension on the. Still not sure why, but I loosened everything up and realigned the wires without tens and it has been fine. Worth a shot.
Hi, I don't know if the original poster is still having trouble, but I would second trying out the same set of wires with regular straps instead of the Custom Pro straps with the cotter pins, based on my own recent experience.

Another factor is what type of strainer is on your snare, mine has the Dunnett R4, which is meant to have the straps threaded in a certain way (with the strap doubling back through the end plates). The straps supplied with the Custom Pro are far too short to do this, and I found that the resulting sound was not great (not focused, hard to get the tension right etc.). I tried the same set of wires with just regular straps, and they sound great with no problems! So, I think it's worth noting that the Custom Pro system is not suitable for all strainers.

Hope you figured it out. :)


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I use those but took out the cotter pins and replaced them with 1/8 inch x 1 inch aluminums rods or pins. Keeps the snare wires square to the head and rims. Much more stable. There is a another thread on here with photos.