Pumped, just got accepted into a heavily gigging band


"Uncle Larry"
Yea buddy. Got awakened this morning by a phone call asking if I wanted to join a band. It's a really good band too, judging from their myspace live recordings. Their drummer is causing some issues apparantly. I was asked about a year ago by this same guy, a guitar player. I was in a band with him like 4 years ago, real good player. I couldn't oblige him at the time as I had 3 things going. But I am so available right now, and was auditioning for Craigslist bands.

This couldn't have come at a better time. It's a classic rock band! I am pumped because I finally get to play for normal ratio crowds instead of a mostly male crowd in blues..Come to think of it I was never in a classic rock band per se, so this should be a pile of fun. I was in Top 40, southern rock, country, new wave/rock then a bunch of blues bands but never classic rock. I am so looking forward to playing for dancing and partying rock crowds! They work like 3 weekends a month, both days, and take 1 weekend a month off. So lotsa gigs, and the best part is that they're all fairly close.

I just have to get through an audition consisting of 90% of songs that I grew up on, should be like falling off a log lol. Plus, I got a lot of inside pull with Kurt who has been trying to slide me in for a while now.


I'm going over the songs as I type this, just writing out the arrangements, audition is Monday nite, I'll let you know how it went.


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I'm not surprised. You are a fine drummer Larry. If they are half as good as your blues band, it will rock my friend.

Congrats.......or (as inspired by Brady and his Aussie slang dictionary) perhaps I should say, ONYA!!
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"Uncle Larry"
Thanks guys. It's funny how timing works. This just got dropped right in my lap, right when my gigs were drying up and I was looking for something new. I am so friggin grateful for this, it's like a brand new chapter (if I get the gig *fingers crossed*). I haven't felt excited in a long time but I'm feeling excited!


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It sounds like an excellent opportunity!! The best of luck! Be sure to video some gigs and post. I have always enjoyed your playing!


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I'd wish you good luck, Larry, but it seems like you don't need it!

Is there a word for being so guaranteed in something it's laughable? You'll get this for sure.

Have a great time with all the gigging and good music!


"Uncle Larry"
Yea Pol, more intensity, more fills for sure, more volume, I heard a double kick in a Godsmack song they do yikes...I have to step up the game in a lot of ways. Holy crap what am I getting into lol.


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Larry with double pedal ... too funny ... I love it!

Look forward to lotsa dugga-dugga-duggas on your next postings heeheehee


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Rock on Larry! Listen, play, and then listen again. Ask them..."WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO PLAY???" After you do this they CANNOT say "You did not play what I wanted"!!! Dude! U DA MAN!


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Go, Larry! You're a wonderful drummer and they gonna love you. Good luck and make it happen.

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Way to go Larry! Classic rock, Ha. You & me in the same boat. Most of our songs are complete reworks of the original, & I know how much you love that! LOL. What will you do if they want you to stray from the original? (giggle to self). I can guess your reply, "I don't mind changing something as long as the vibe is right", yeah, yeah, yadda yadda. Can't wait to see your face when they ask you to put a double kick groove in "Can't get enough of your love", or a swing section in "Comfortably Numb" hahahaha. Don't worry, you're probably safe. Most classic rock bands replicate the original down to the last beat.

You got tha audience thing spot on though Larry. The classic rock audience is growing, especially if the band is good. A lot of younger generation fans too. That means young chicks gyrating to your groove Larry, can you handle that?

Seriously, the very best of luck to you. If they don't take you on, they're mad IMO. By way of coincidence, we're auditioning the first of our guitarist applicants on Monday night too. Seems like Monday's an important night for the classic rock world on both sides of the pond.

Good luck M8.


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Nothing but good wishes from this part of the of the world.

If you get the gig on Monday, then I, as Mayor, will name Tuesday Larry Ace day.

I'm excited now too. My first Proclamation.


"Uncle Larry"
This is all so exciting. I never had a group of people wishing me well concerning my drumming erndeavors before and I am very much putting all the good energy you guys are sending me to good use.

I won't leave Blue Bizness and the guy who steps on me, I can handle 4-6 gigs a year with them. Andy, this new band sticks pretty close to the originals, so luckily I won't have to [shudders] rethink a successful song lol.

This will be my first band w/ a female bassist too. Should be engaging to say the least.

And Mr. Mayor I am humbled. I will take the responsibility of Larryace day to heart, and will try my best, for the year of my reign, to ensure world peace, and to fight world hunger. This I promise you. (Aside from getting stoned and having the munchies)
Again thanks to all my buds here, you guys rock!