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That's great man! Congrats!

If you don't mind me asking, how did you get there? I've been writing and editing a blog about teaching drums for a year now ( and I've often thought the next step would to get some work published by MD.



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Many congrats! It's good to get published too. In a previous life I used to build and fly RC helicopters and had a good few articles published in an RC helicopter enthusiasts magazine. They paid me too, which helped finance the hobby.


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Great news! the closest I ever got was when they did a 1 page article on the drummer who joined a band after a quit. I was bracing myself once the interviewer got to "you replaced drummer..." and I was bummed to see the name of the guy that played before me!
Sorry to sidetrack your post, that's really cool news.


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Congratulations! That is quite an honor. I'll keep my eyes open for the issues when they hit the stand.


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Very cool! I just about got published in that magazine. I was in discussions with one of the editors, but I never went through with it.

This is great! Congrats.


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Thanks again to everyone for the kind words. The October issue is now on the new stands. The topic for Sept. was single stroke roll development. This month focuses on double stroke rolls. I apply the inverted double concept to triplets, quintuplets, and more. Hope you enjoy, and most of all - I hope it helps!