Proportional tom sizes?


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I’m definitely excited about these drums. If they sound good enough, I might get a set. Or a set with copper shells. Or both. Lol
I am too! I've got some experimenting to do once I get the 12" tom shell, so it may be a little while. I'll definitely post progress reports once things get underway.


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I know. I was just commenting on what was currently available that may address this concern:

...if I were to use the same proportions for all my toms, would they all exhibit similar characteristics, just in a deeper/higher voice (hope that makes sense)?

I guess my short answer is yes, and the OP wouldn't even need to do any sort of special order anything.
Ya, spot on. And re sale would be alot higher.


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Ya, spot on. And re sale would be alot higher.
That has been mentioned. This kit is already "out there" enough to maybe have a very, very limited group of buyers for it, if any. Trust me, I know. Been flipping gear for 20+ years. I'm not building these drums with the intent to sell (though it may happen somewhere down the road, who knows). This kit is 100% experimental. I may end up selling them at some point, but that possibility is not going to affect the details of the drums. I am building this for me... Not some fictional future "customer".

The intent is to end up with a lightweight (aluminum shells, aluminum lugs, Gauger Alloy RIMS, no lug screws/washers/gaskets), and easy to tune (turning one tension rod tunes up both heads) kit for gigging. I have a regular, lugged Mapex Orion shell bank, in standard sizes, for everything else. I don't need another regular kit.

So with that said. I haven't decided on any tom sizes yet except for the 12x8. I've already ordered the shell, and I've already got the hardware. Once it gets here, I'll try various head combinations and tunings to see what kind of sounds I can get, and if the free-floating thing even works well with these shells (works fine with the maple shells I have). Once I get the 12" dialed in, I'll order the other shells and finish them up accordingly. But before anything, I'll be using the 12" as a guinea pig to sort out all the details... Even if that means I end up actually attaching lugs to the shells.

Oh, and no matter what sizes I get, it's all custom order (Oriollo), so the "get regular sizes so you don't have to custom order" argument isn't really applicable here.
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