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I have my bass drum at an angle, and I want to have double pedal, but I really have to have the arms at the ends for it to fit onto my kit. This causes alot of lag, and sometimes the arms come apart, and I am constantly having to adjust my bass drum for the slave pedal to be even on the floor. If only my bass drum was a little smaller for it to fit under my medium tom which is on a seperate mount.

How do I fix this problem? Help will be greatly appreciated.

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Am I right in thinking that if you could move your mounted tom closer towards your bass drum then your slave pedal could come in a bit? If that's the case then try either mounting the tom higher so it's not interfering with the bass drum or try a rack system that will allow you to position the tom without an extra stand to get in the way of your slave pedal etc.

Another solution would be to have a shallower tom or smaller bass drum but see if you can get round it by reconfiguring what you already have. You could even try mounting the tom from a stand which is on the other side of the bass drum if you can.


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Put your slave on the other side of your HH pedal- closer to the kick. It works just experiment a little. Could be difficult if you have a 3 leg, non-adjustable HH stand (the kind where the legs dont rotate) but will work otherwise if you do.

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Either raise your "medium" tom so it fits over your bass drum or move it somewhere else. What's your setup? Post a pic.

And +1 you make almost no sense.