Problem tuning snare with drumdial, reading will not go beyond 80


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I just bought an excellent used Chad Smith Snare and bought a new Evans 300 snare side. I like to crank the resonant head up to about 85 but for some reason, the reading is not going above 80-81. The head is already pretty stretched out. I've been turning each lug forever and I can't get past 81. The batter head tuned up to 90 with minimal effort.

I'm playing it now and it sounds amazing but I don't know if the resonant head is really tuned correctly. It says 80 but It feels like I went to 100. Any advice?


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You probably pulled the snare reso too tight. It happens. If it sounds great, see how long it lasts.

Otherwise, swap with a new reso and try again. I'm pretty sure you'll have trouble getting even a new snare reso much higher than 85 on the DD if I remember correctly.

For a sanity check... is the head / bearing edge really close to the (bottom) edge of the rim? If yes, then you definitely pulled the reso. If you have a lot of clearance, then you should be ok.


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Yea. the DD/TensionWatch seem to stop working past a certain point. I gave up trying to use one on snare side heads.


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scottie guns, yes the head is very close to the rim. Did I damage the reso head? It still sounds good. I took it off and manually tuned it.