Price for 80's Tama Artwood Snare


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I have that very same kind of black AW526B snare with "Brass Mighty Hoops" but since i don't have any use for it, i'm gonna sell it. The problem is that i don't have any idea is it woth of 50$ or 500$. Please notice, that i'm not going to sell it here on Drummerworld, so that is not why i'm asking for assistance.

There's some scratches in some of the lugs and small, like a half of a nail of the little finger, sized damage on side on the surface of the snare itself (nothing visible in the wood however), but otherwise it's in excellent shape.

I have tried to search for a suitable price but just can't figure that out. Anyone here have any ideas?


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In very good condition ,250-300 US on a good day.It's impossible to give an accurate estimate with out pics.Check Ebay completed listings.

Steve B


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Actually the snare is 8" deep. I used it very short time years ago and since then it's just been laying around somewhere so i had forgotten how deep it really was. :-D

If that changes the estimated price significantly, feel free to inform me.

Thanks guys for your help!