Pretty cool rhythm and my first transcription ever!


"Uncle Larry"
Hey all,

I was practicing today and I came up with a pretty cool beat. It's pretty hard to play, coordination-wise. I decided to transcribe it because I like the way it moves along. I just wrote out one bar that repeats. If there is anything incorrect with the way I wrote it out, please LMK.

This one was a toughie for me, it took me a while to be able to even get through it, but it's worth it. I mess around with this beat, except I play my foot chick and the ride bell in unison. It's real easy to play that way. I decided trying to displace the foot chick by an 8th note, just to hear how it would affect the beat, and that's what created the coordination struggle.

Crap I found a mistake. On the kick line, the single 16th's supposed to be an 8th note, like at the end. Whoops!


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"Uncle Larry"
If you tell me what THB stands for.

Whoops, another mistake. 4/4 Bo.

Oh you were joking. Duh, too serious Lar!. Yea 4.5/4 that's the ticket.
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You ate the file?

Ok is that what salsa sounds like? I know not what I do.
Ya, I ate the file. Binary salsa ain't what I thought it would be.

While listening to the beat, I envisioned rhythmic hips (of the female persuasion) moving to the beat and the first thing I thought of was Salsa. So yes, I guess that what salsa may sound like.


Definitely has a Latin/Salsa feel -especially if you substitute a cowbell for the ride cymbal.
Really nice Uncle Larry!!!

Anon La Ply

Thanks for recording it, Larry. Sounds good! THB = Too Hard Basket. Actually, on hearing the beat I think have played something like it when jamming, but not as classy as what you're doing.

How are you going with the software. Made sense out of Musescore yet? lol

keep it simple

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Cool beat Larry. Sounds like a sticky one to nail those subdivisions & get it flowing. I'm imagining it with a very staccato brass section playing syncopated blasts - kinda 20's style :)


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if you want to make it more latin, you can take the 1 and 3 off on the kick (tumbao).
you can also add a l.ll l.ll l.ll on the cowbell and playing the "and a" on the base of the cowbell and the 1 on the mouth ( while accenting the "a" more then "and"). basically, making a crescendo with the 3 hits on the cowbell with the last one on the mouth. it makes it sound like one dude is hitting the down beat and another percussionist is playing the" and a".


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Nice groove Larry and the coordination is really challenging. I like to transcribe drum parts
and here's my take on your groove based on your transcription.



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Cool, but I don't hear the three ghosts on the snare.

n/m got it, laptop speakers = the suck. :>
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