Preparing for you first semester at Berklee


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Hey guys,

this is kinda a two part question for any berklee college of music alum or any that has berklee experience. I recently got accepted for the spring semester of 2012 and i want to enter over prepared. whats the best way to prepare for your first semester?

i was also thinking about switching to the summer semester so i can study/practice more at home so i'll be even more ahead of the game. Are there any pros and cons for the summer semester as opposed to the spring?


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That's a feat - congratulations.

I've never gone to Berklee or a Music College, but if I were you, I'd be looking at a list of necessity drum books and going over them front to back, challenging yourself, stepping out of your comfort zone, become well rounded, etc. They have a store I believe with their books that they use, correct? I'd start studying those ASAP.

That's what I would do. Good luck with everything.