Premiere Cabria I.D?


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He guys!

Was wondering if you can help with identifying this Premiere Kit, I don't know too much about them. I was looking for hardware locally when I came across this kit with a whole bunch of hardware and even a 16" AAX Xplosion crash. He's not asking for much and I really don't need an extra kit as I already have a Sonor 3007. He won't separate the hardware so I'm considering just picking up the kit if it's worth my time.

Any info would be greatly appreciated if you can help me determine which Premiere Cabria Kit this is. It needs some TLC but I thought if its worth picking up I may make it a project to refinish it.



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I think I have that same kit. Mine has a matching snare. I bought it about three years ago and at that time you could buy the same kit new from a few places, but at that point Premier was offering a Cabria APK. I have notes saying this kit is birch or mahogany, and the new Cabria APK was maple/ash. That could be totally inaccurate.

I put on all new heads, added cymbals and hardware from extras I had, and my son took it to his school for their studio, so I have not seen it since. I put on very heavy heads (Remo Marching Pinstripes) so I probably did not give it a chance to sound its best. If I recall it is an OK kit. I did not do any other restoration.

The kit in the pics will need new heads. I was pretty surprised how much that added up to.