Premier Drum Set... What is this??? Need help..


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These look like a late model APK/XPK. The finish does not look factory- I suspect that the drums were originally wrapped and the wrap has been removed and the shells stained. At the time these were produced (early to mid 90's I believe) the lacquer finishes were all high gloss, hence why I believe these are not in their original finish. There were a number of constructions over their lifespan- I think these may be the later eucalyptus and birch version.

They are a good solid drumset and are unlikely to disapoint, however, I think the seller is a bit optomistic. I would have said $200-250 in the condition related in the ad.

Hope that helps.


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Its a good buy to me.Those are nice birch drums for that price.
New bass drum legs (say from Gibraltar) will cost you 25 - 50. Tom mount the same. Because there are faults like that, go down in price and be ready to walk away. Sellers hate that power.