Practicing With Loops


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Hey Everyone,

I wanted to drop in and introduce myself to the drummerworld forum. My name is Ryan Gruss and I'm the founder of The Loop Loft, a boutique sample and loop company based in Boston.

Since this is a forum where people not only talk about gear, but share tips on practicing and technique, I figured you might be interested in checking out some loops that act as a great practice tool for working on your timekeeping. Shedding with a metronome is great (of course, you should always have something holding down a steady tempo as a reference!) but the great thing about playing to loops is that they give you something to lock in and interact with. And The Loop Loft content is all recorded with some of the best real, "live" musicians on the planet... no drum machines or samplers!

I wanted to offer an introductory 40% discount on anything in The Loop Loft to the members of the drummerworld forum. To activate the discount, just use the following code during checkout:

discount code: drummerworld

In terms of loops that are excellent for practicing grooves in different genres and with different instruments, here are some direct links to check out:

Celso Alberti (Steve Winwood, Airto) Brazilian Percussion Loops
Janek Gwizdala (Mike Stern, Randy Brecker) Bass Loops
Bob Reynolds (John Mayer, Richard Bona) Sax Loops

I'd love to hear (and even see!) if any of you have some unique tips or tricks for practicing timekeeping. As a drummer myself, one method I use is to set up a series of bass and percussion loops in Logic or GarageBand, playing 8 bars of time, and then 8 bars of silence. When the bass comes in again after the 8 bars of silence, I'll know exactly if I pushed or pulled on the time in either direction. This method definitely keeps you in check What are some of your techniques?

If you have any questions about The Loop Loft, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.

Ryan Gruss
Founder - The Loop Loft