Practice on the road


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My work takes me on the road quite a bit and makes it hard to keep up on my practice. I take a practice pad w/ me, but I am looking for any good suggestions to help me keep in good form. Thanks
Mapex 50


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I bought the Pat Petrillo P4 Practice Pad before I bought my electric kit: P4 Practice Pad.htm
It's heavy duty and I like the multiple surfaces. When I go on vacation, I usually pack it with an extra snare stand and a small throne, but it would work just as well on a chair or table (or your lap).

I'd recommend it - but it's not compact or light - so it depends on your space availability.


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also if your not into the whole pad "kit" buy the gibralter bass drum practice pad and hook your pedal up to it to keep your feet fresh.


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Thanks for the suggestions. Much appreciated. I think I'll look into the kick pad. Thanks again.