Post knee surgery...


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So I've been off the forum for about 10 days (I've missed you guys!). Had my arthrscopic knee scope on Tuesday and am still recovering. Haven't been behind the kit since last Sunday. Had a loose foreign object removed from my left knee as well as a good amount of arthritis scraped (the doc said there was more in there than he had thought before going in). I'm still using a crutch to get around and my left leg is very sore and cramps really quickly if bent for any length of time so while I plan to try to get behind the kit tomorrow, I'm sure it won't be for more than a few minutes. Working on hand exercises on the practice pad but even finding that difficult because I haven't been able to find a comfortable way to sit for very long periods of time without putting my leg up.

I'm a little worried about getting back to the drums after such a long break...longest I've taken since I started drumming. Who knows, maybe the break will have done me some good. I know I'm itching to get started again! Just thought I would give an update and let you know where I've been. Hopefully I'll be back to normal within a couple of weeks!

Happy Drumming!



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Here's to a speedy recovery and that's what's most important.

Drums will take no time at all to get back to where you left off.

Anthony Amodeo

get well Mary

drumming isn't going anywhere

you will pick up exactly where you left off

take care of that knee first and foremost


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Well, even if you can't work the left leg too hard, yet, you still got hands and the right leg. I'm 9 months post right hip replacement, 5 months post left hip replacement and it's all good. Drumming is just another form of physical therapy. Just listen to your body. When it says "stop" ... that's what you do. I found it good (for my mindset) to keep track of how long I could/would play. Started with 15 min. a day .... and now I'm back to 2 hrs. I'm sure you'll do fine.​