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Hey everyone! I have a technical question to ask: what's the best way to remove an old wrap from a drum?

I'm asking because I have a Yamaha YD series 14x14 floor Tom that I want to convert into a ballad-style snare, but it has a really ugly and beat up black wrap on it.


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If you're going to make it into a snare, make sure you have a proper snare counter hoop, clutch, and opposite side clutch, and holes for all of the above. And wires.


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I'm not terribly familiar with the YD series drums. Are they entry level? A word of warning about removing wrap from Yamaha drums...

I have a rack and floor tom from Yamaha 1980's 5000 series drums (bottom of their range at the time). They were really pretty damn good sounding drums, made in Japan from Luan (aka Phillipine mahogany) with an inner ply of beech. When I tried to remove the wrap on the 12" tom, I quickly discovered they were glued all the way around the shell (which is very uncommon for asian drums in general, and entry level drums in particular...but, those dang meticulous Japanese Yamaha craftsmen...). I used the heat gun, etc. and made a total mess of things. The Luan is so soft and splintery that no matter how hard I tried, pieces and splinters of the Luan came off with the glue. Lesson learned is that it's one thing to remove a fully glued-on wrap from quality hardwoods like maple or birch -- it's an entirely different thing to remove it from the softer woods often used in entry level drums. after my experience with the 12" tom, I did not even attempt to remove the wrap from the floor tom (want to buy a nice white 16x16 Yamaha floor tom?).

I hope yours are not glued all the way around...but you've been warned...


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FreDrummer: Thank you so much for the input! Ive put in some research and they are entry-level drums. It is a single piece though (its the only Yamaha drum I own) so I'll just give a go!

Wildbill: Yes, I do plan to leave it at 14", because whats an experiment is you don't go all-out? ;)

davidbehrens3.14: I plan to source all of the materials that I will need from drumfactorydirect.com. I'm hoping that I can find some tube lugs that match the holes for the current lugs, because I really hate the look of the current ones.

And thank you so much to everyone for all of your replies, waarnings and advice!