Poll: Can you practice drums whenever you want?


"Uncle Larry"
I consider myself fortunate indeed to have a situation where I can play my drums at home, anytime I want, at any hour. I'm thinking I'm in the minority here but wanted to see what the norm is. So how many of you drummers out there can play whenever?


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Yes. I can for the most part except when the kiddo is sleeping. If need be I have a guest-ish house where I can setup a kit and play whenever. Neighbors are spaced out nicely so they don't hear anything. I still hear their annoying dogs but that's another thread.


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We have a sort of cold war situation with our neighbours so on the days I'm not at college I can play as much as I want, as long as its between 8am and 9pm. Would hate to be one of those people that can only play at weekends or something.


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Not my case.

I work from 10.30 to 6.30, and have an long commute, so I get home around 8 at night. At that time my parents already got home, and after a day of work, even though they don't say anything, I know that 120 decibels of drums and cymbals shaking the walls is not their idea of relax.

I do practice on a set of drum mutes and practice pad, but my kit playing time is very limited. :(



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My house is very remote and the neighbours not a problem. But my partner hates noise at the best of times and really hates drums. So sometimes I have to choose between sex and playing drums. Not always as easy a choice as it might seem :)


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I tend to practice on days off or after work, no more than two hours at a stretch. No earlier than 10 AM and no later than 8 PM. Fortunately there's a vacant lot to one side of me and a vacant house on the other side. Insulates very nicely, thank you.


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If you mean with a set of pads, then yes. I carry at least one practice pad with me everywhere. Even at work. My boss will sometimes sit and watch me while i practice.

If you mean on the kit, its pretty much whenever I feel like it. I house my kit in a practice room with 24/7 access, but its the 30 mile round trip that kills me to get to my practice room.


I stay at home, and live on a ten acre hobby farm, and play in a basement with two foot thick walls. Ya I can play whenever I want. :)


I am lucky to have a finished basement where my drums are set up. To keep the noise down I use soundoffs on the heads and plastic pintec cymbals. I practice at night when the kids are asleep ( otherwise they want to play too). I have a dw go anywhere practice kit but I realized that I was getting drum kit practice with it. I like plaing on a full size kit and the soundoffs really work well for keep the noise down. Its like a 95% sound reduction.


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Well, yes and no.

I can't practise drums at home (apartment dweller with a girlfriend), but my kit is permanently set up at the rehearsal room of one of my bands. This means I have to travel if I want to play my kit, and there are also two other bands that share the same rehearsal room, but in general I can practise whenever I want unless one of the other bands want to rehearse at the same time.


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In my case, I wouldn't say "whenever", but close enough. In Southern, CA - everyone's houses are pretty damn close to each other. I have an upstairs studio with my kit that is somewhat insulated for sound. On weekends from 10 - 7, I can play full tilt, without my mutes. I have to warn the wife and kids beforehand. On weekdays, I choose to put on the drum mutes. I have some customized ones with real thin wood on the bottom side that provides nearly the same bounce as a drumhead. Plain mutes are too soft...Cymbal pads as well. I practice courtesy whenever possible, but still get my grooves in.

I'll use the DW Go anywhere pad kit in my office downstairs late at night, or early morning.


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Not really. Dad is sick and sleeps a lot, I try to play around that,
That sucks man, I hope your dad gets better soon. Cheers.

EDIT: I posted at the same time as you. I'm really sorry to hear that. :( I send you and your dad my best wishes. Stay strong.


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Me too larry, I have a home studio, and an ekit set up in my bedroom ( yes, my wife loves me) My problem is travel and being on the road for long stretches of time which keeps me off the drum stool. I'm freezing my rush off in toronto as I write this

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Not really. Dad is sick and sleeps a lot, I try to play around that,
I'm so sorry to hear that. Having recently been through that experience with both parents, my thoughts are with you at this time. I'm sure your father would be happy that life carries on around him.