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Thank you all for the opinions! If someone else wrote - excellent.

As for the track, I think he's certainly 4/4, as everyone I asked...
Just in 2 and 4 bars first bass drum syncopation at 1/8 (See screenshot above)

Friend says that the drums at 5/4, I hope your opinion will be able to persuade him...

Once again thank you all!
It could be written in any time signature so there really isn't a correct answer unless the question is what time signature did the composer write it in. There are however certain time signatures that will make the most sense and provide for the easiest writing and reading of a particular songs phrasing. This song seems to feel natural at 4 beats per measure albeit heavily syncopated. As far as the second half of what makes a time signature, the note assigned the value of one beat, its irrelevant and impossible to tell without asking the composer. So I guess your both wrong and right.

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Well can't tell you for sure...

But I think that this is 4/4, the feel of odd time signature is created by the displacement of the backbeat, I don't know the song, but I was able to count the time in 4/4 through the song.

Hope this helps