Please help, need some tips!


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Hi everyone,

I was a really good drummer when I was younger. I got my grade 8 at 12 years old, got a percussion scholarship to my secondary school, played in loads of bands etc.

I'm now a record producer and haven't picked up a pair of sticks for about 10 years! I've just got myself a set of V-Drums and had a play and guess what... I'm shit.

No idea what's happened, my coordination is all off, I can't keep up a simple rhythm. Technically speaking everything is fine, I'm still pretty quick too, I just seem to be really out of practice!

Anyone got any good youtube links or just tips/exercises to get back into it?

Would be much appreciated!



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I'd spend some money - if you can afford it - and at least get some instructional dvds. Some may believe in personal teachers, lessons, etc., but you can get an excellent set of 15 dvds w/cds via the "Drumming System" by Mike Michalko, or whatever his name is, or something similar. It's simple and slow but effective (I think so, at least)...


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Just take it slowly to start with, to a click. With a bit of time, that should do it. You might be surprised how quickly you make progress.