Please help me find this kit (Tama Lars Ulrich Signature)


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For those wishing to have a drum kit at Lars Ulrich in the 90's, an Artstar II, I found someone selling his. But an Artstar Custom of 96, white, 12 pieces including two bass drum of 24x18 '', seven XL-Deep Toms with suspended Toms mounting system (like Star-Cast) of 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 '', two Floors of 16 & 18 '' + a Brass Brass Snare 14x9'' with even Brass Hoops. The Toms Holder, the Hi-Hat stand HH95 Lever Glide, the Snare stand HS83 and more than 10 cymbals double boom Titan HC104 with the handle against the black weight (the best) for only 4400$CAN, or 3400$US for the drum alone . It's a real deal for a drum kit of this quality and its number of pieces. In addition, he sells the complete Sabian Neil Peart Signature Pack which are in majority of Sabian Paragon and Artisant (of type Modern, Dark), that is to say 11 cymbals (2 Hi-Hat 13 & 14'', 22'' Ride, 2x16'' Crash, 18'' & 20'' Crash, 19 & 20'' China, 8 & 10'' Spash) with the suitcase included in the Pack worth more than 3300$CAN (2490$US) plus 2 other Crash totaling 13 high-end cymbals. Requiring 5500$CDN (4160$US) for the complete drum kit, cymbals and hardware or 2000$CDN (1500$US) just for the Cymbal Pack. For those who like and want a '' Vintage '' drum kit of high quality, this is the drum kit to buy.