Please help determining value of these Recording Customs.


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Hey guys (and gals!)

My father, a lifelong drummer, passed away back in 2005. My mom sat on his set of Yamaha Recording Custom drums until now (they were in bands together for as long as Ive been alive so emotionally this has been a sticking point for her). I took them from her and cleaned them up, and plan to sell the set for her. While he was an avid drummer, I certainly am not! I've done a little research online, but I would love help from you knowledgeable individuals on determining the value of this set, and perhaps selling them for her.

What I know:

- They are Recording Customs that he purchased used in the late '80s/ early 90's.
- He took exceptional care of them.
- All cymbals except for perhaps two (I can go look) are Zildjain.
- Apparently all of the stands are top of the line (?)

Any info/thoughts/etc you guys may have would be greatly appreciated. Originally my intention was to clean them up and take them to a local store (Charlotte, NC) to talk to someone there, but I figured the knowledge on this forum would be much greater and not include the same ulterior motives of a store which may want to purchase them.

I've included a couple over-view photos, but can upload more if requested.

Thanks in advance for any input!



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I'd hate to guess their value but by all means do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT SPLIT the drums up for sale as some moron will want a 4 piece and will ruin a very nice larger kit. These drums were made to be played as a larger kit so PLEASE keep it that way!


Platinum Member I hate being broke or else I'd so make an offer.

Just the red Yamaha drums alone are $1600-$2000
I can't quite tell what the chrome snare is.

Another $150-$200 for the brass snare.

You have roughly $800-$1200 in cymbals.
Including a original Zildjian Z series heavy power ride (my favorite rock ride cymbal).

Another $300 or so in stands.

Not sure what the seat goes for these days used. $50-$75 I would imagine.


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Arthurk1, I definitely agree. There's no way I'd split the set, for several reasons.

DrumEatDrum, thanks for the info. Mom told me that dad once said (In what I'm sure is a familiar low moment) that he'd sell the set if someone offered him $5k, which at best gave me a high value point. The ranges you gave certainly help.

The power ride was dad's favorite too. I went back and forth about keeping it as a keep sake, but mom could use the money (and I have PLENTY of his tools, initialed and all, for mementos).

Opinions welcome from anyone else. Once I get a pretty firm feel for a range of values I'll post them in the classified section (I assume there is one, I've not checked).

Thanks again!


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The best way to gauge the current resale market value,is to do a search on Ebay,for COMPLETED auctions.

Condition and location is also very important,as well as the seller willing to ship the drums also.In the majority of "pick up only" sales,the seller will get less money for the items.

There are plenty of auctions/sales,where the seller is asking a unrealistic price.,and those auctions just remain there seemingly forever.

Lastly,selling to a music store,drum shop,will net you the LEAST amount of money.Brick and mortar stores have overhead and need to make a profit,or they go out of business.

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If I had to guess, this was originally a 7pc set with chrome snare. One tom was an add-on as was the piccolo snare.

I'm going to assume your goal is to sell the drums for maximum profit and sooner rather than later. I understand the sentimental value but the fact is you're selling them.

I think you may want to reconsider splitting that set up. The valuation of the entire set is way off at the $3500 - $4000 range. What you think they're worth and what someone is willing to pay are two different things. Realistically, $2500 is a fair price.

At the very least, I'd split the cymbals and the drums up. If I were buying that entire set, I'm a serious player and I probably already have a supply of cymbals that I prefer. I also wouldn't want 8 cymbals. Go to Musicians Friend and see what each cymbal is selling them for, and list them for 40% of that price. You can find them at 50% all day long and those don't sell. People want bargains, especially on unheard cymbals.

My case for splitting up the drums. The drum set is huge. You're going to get roughly the same price for a 6pc set as you are an 7pc/8pc/9pc set. Build a standard set and sell off the remaining toms and snare drum for a realistic price. I think you'll get more in the end.

Most of the hardware is original to the set. I don't know if this matters or not. Two of the stands (snare and boom) are cheaper non-900 stands.

And there are plenty of morons that want single drums. I just bought 10x8, 12x8 and 13x9 cherry Recording Custom toms off eBay. I'm looking for a bass drum. There are a lot of RC owners looking for additional drums.
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For reference, and your local market may be entirely different. I sold my 1980's RC's (10,12,14,16,& 22) about a year ago for $1500.00. I listed them at $1800. and after 3 months, there was no market for it. They were the same finish and in good condition.

I realize you have a bunch of different stuff there I didn't but I wanted to perhaps at least provide a real life starting point.


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Where are you located? I might buy them just to keep the drums together. I about had a freaking stroke when I saw some idiot on ebay split up a Pearl CZX kit, which is very rare!


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Thanks again for the responses guys.

arthurk1, I am in Charlotte, NC. Please let me know if you're interested. I need to get them posted soon. thanks!