Pleasant surprise in preparing for a studio session



I don't know. There's nothing wrong with female dogs. We have a bitch at home - a Labrador. We have a dog too, another Labrador.

Trust me when I say I would've never have even attempted what you did. These kind of experiences are what defines you as a player. If you can make it work, power to you.


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LOL, yeah, I thought that last line was funny seems boy G had a way with doing that to people...>Best of luck on that


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Boy George made me his bitch.
I haven't laughed so hard in weeks! Best luck on the project! I read the whole post and I was thinking about how you solved the problem and when I got to the last line I went to pieces! Thanks for the laugh.


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I didn't see any cursing.
Well, there was a little splash here and there, but geez, I coulda been quite a bit more colorful than that. :p Point taken, Jeremy, but if you're going to take time to admonish people EVERY time you see or hear some funky language, you're going to be a busy, busy man.

Anyway, GD, I don't know if anyone who doesn't buy an E-card will ever get to hear this. With some recording work I do, I get a copy to basically do whatever I want with, but these are licensed arrangements and I'm sure the distribution of the recordings is going to be carefully controlled. I might get a copy to include in my portfolio or something, we'll see.

You could get an idea of what I had to do if you listen to the original, maybe try to come up with a variation of your own. I'd be interested to hear how other cats would put it together.

Jeremy Bender

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I agree, take every gig you can (it may lead to other gigs). Congrats on landing the job.

PS I don't think the cursing was necessary to make your valid point.

con struct

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Isn't that just the way it is? Really, it's amazing the revelations you can experience in the most mundane settings.


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So I've got a studio gig coming up next week, recording music for Hallmark E-Cards (or something like that, I know it's for Hallmark).

Anyway, one of the tunes we're recording is "I'll Tumble 4 Ya" by Culture Club. That's right, this jazz nazi is recording a Boy George song. :p

So anyway, I'm listening to the song and realize that the drums and percussion are all overdubbed. It's a kinda funky Latin groove with basically three components: a "house" backbeat, some Bo Diddly-esque tom accents, and some hi hat 16th note business.

So I spent about an hour figuring out how I can cover all this crap without overdubbing anything, avoiding a time expense that Hallmark and the other musicians would appreciate. So the right foot holds down the house beat quarter notes, the right hand plays the backbeat on the snare and catches some of the tom accents in between snare notes, and the left foot and left hand combine on the HH for the 16th note business.

Point being, what I thought might be a soul-killing experience of recording a douchey 80's pop song turned out to be a fun and interesting challenge for my brain, limbs and creativity.

Take EVERY gig, people, you never know. I would have taken this one anyway, the money's right, but I'm just sayin', just when I thought I was above certain things artistically and musically, Boy George made me his bitch.