Playing on Halloween? Costumes ideas for drummers?


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We have a gig on Haloween night and have been asked to wear costumes.

I have one in mind but not certain yet. So hoping you guys have some ideas.

My idea? Ghost of John Bonham!


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Cool, sounds fun. I'd want to dress up as Miley Cyrus. Could have some serious fun with that. Or just go full-on Dolly Parton Drag.

Mount Saint Elle'ns

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That is, without doubt, one of the most disturbing images ever painted on this forum! ;)
You've just given me the best idea ever for a costume: Schrödinger's Cat.

Now don't you go stealing that one. If I am ever in a band, it's all mine. ;)

(You really should give out Most Disturbing awards. It would make a great thread.)


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A couple years ago my band played a show on Halloween and I went as Nacho Libre, I played with the Luchador mask on for maybe a minute and a half and ripped that thing off the first chance I got mid song!


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I have a gig too. I know a girl who is a make-up artist and I want to her to make me a joker like this...

This would be cool. I a worried about makeup and sweat though having never played a 4 hour gig in costume.

Some creative ideas in here. Our lead guitarist is coming as Jesus. Singer is a pirate. I expect our bass player to be a zombie.

The ghost of John Bonham may be what I choose. Black wig, 70s scarf around head, Led t shirt and some ghostly makeup but I'll wear sunglasses so I don't have makeup right around my eyes. Is a bottle of Vodka too macabre?

I could play with 4 sticks too!
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Best drummer costume I ever saw was Darth Vader. The gent had some red light-up sticks from "The Fresh Beat Band" that he picked up from the Nickelodeon web store.


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im going as vader with red light up drumsticks to mimic lightsabers, should work out ok :)
EDIT just saw post below, didnt copy from you i swear haha, just got given some red light up drumsticks last birthday so thought this could be a good use for them