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Hey guys, a little history about myself: I've been playing for 2 years, joined a band about a month ago and we have my first show happening in a week and a half. The problem is I'm already starting to feel a bit nervous about it, and Im worried that when the day comes I'll feel much worse. Drinking alcohol usually puts the edge off but I'm worried if I drink too much it'll hinder my playing. I practice with an electric snare at home almost everyday, and with the band twice a week. Do you guys change up your practice before a show, as in not play for a couple days, or do anything else to take the edge off? Should I just get hammered anyways? Any tips are appreciated!


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Nerves are part of the game. It is totally normal to feel nervous before a gig. Once you start playing the first song, you will settle in, and you won't be nervous anymore. Until the next gig.

Now, my advice about the drinking...DO NOT GET HAMMERED before the show!!
Alcohol impairs your motor functions, your coordination, timing, all of it! If you drink a lot before the show, you will suck, and you'll be kicking yourself later for doing it, trust me.

Good luck with the gig, and let us know how it goes!


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If you absolutely have to, limit yourself to one beer and one beer only before the gig. I know it's not the same with everybody, but if I'm even slightly intoxicated, my playing goes to utter crap. It's just good practice to not get into the habit of drinking a lot before you hit the stage.

About nerves...

Well, there's really not a whole lot you can do about it. I've found that the only real cure is to be as prepared as you possibly can. Have everything rehearsed to the point that you could play it without having to think much about what you're doing. The less you have to think about during the gig, the better.

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You alone have to decide whether you wanna drink before a gig or whether you wanna get done with nerves.
We can only give advice and share experiences with you.

Like others already said, being nervous is something normal. It might also be something useful. I`ve never drunk alcohol before a gig yet and don`t plan to do that. From the first gig on I tried to manage the nerves. When I then finally start playing it was alright and I usually feel relaxed.

In my opinion drinking alcohol before a gig gets a bad habit after some gigs, it just would be anaesthesia. Manage it without, you`ll be happy afterwards.

Playing the first gig may feel bitter for you but don`t let fear take over. What you do is cool, what you do is what you love. Always remember that and have fun! ;-)



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Youll be fine dood! Do yourself a favor and dont ever drink and play. Dont even start. If you guys are well rehersed everything should go just like back in the garage. Oh...And watch for flying panties! Good luck brother!
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There is no special practice ritual that I have before a gig. I studied acting and drama in high school. I learned about a technique called getting into character. Relax and get into character before you play. Base your character on the type of music that you play. I would describe the character that I use but that would hinder you from choosing your character. If you successfully get into character you won't need alcohol and you won't be nervous. I am a natural introvert. This is how I cope with a live performance. I don't know if it will work for you but it works for me.


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Hey man, all I can tell you is it's normal and healthy to be nervous.

Once you're onstage you'll feel comfortable and you'll realize that performing is one of the greatest feelings ever... The feeling of knowing what you're doing... Just have a good time and don't get hammered.

Good luck, Blastface


Even after years and years of experience you will feel at least some excitement when you go on stage. I've only once felt nothing at all, and that was for a gig I didn't really want to play, it was a band put together for the occasion (a wedding), and I just didn't like the chemistry of the band. So I just wanted to get it over with. <--That's bad!

Being nervous and excited can be a pain in the a**, but it can also be a wonderful feeling. Try to enjoy the adrenaline, get on stage and show everyone what you're made of.

And even if you screw up, know that maybe one in 20 audience members will notice, and maybe one in twenty of those who notice will think less of you for it and will enjoy the show less because of it. So it really isn't a big deal.