Played with any big names latley?

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I don't know if this counts, but earlier in the year I played djembe in a play by Derek Walcott, a Nobel prize winner. It was an all black cast, set in Trinidad and he said to the theatre manager " I need 3 black drummers" to which the manager replied " I can't get you 3 black drummers... but I know 1 ginger drummer", so I got the call.

It was a play that he had been working on all his life and I was privileged enough to see it unfold and to watch Derek see it for the first time. It was originally only going to be a read through of the play on stage, but as the week went on he added more and more stuff including my humble self. It was probably the most intense, thrilling and tiring 2 days of my drumming career so far.

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I played with Corey Feldman last December, been performing with Street Drum Corps most of this year, and with them we played on stage with some of the world biggest DJ's at the Electric Daisy Carnival in June. Empire of The Sun, 12th Planet, Skrillex, Moguai, DJ Siren, ATB, and many more.
This isn't a "big" name, but the Guitarist of a band I have been a huge fan of for over 10 years, Mike Miller of Godhead, is now playing bass in a band I have been doing session work for for a few months.


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Hey was that you at the Sam Ash Best In Drums Competition? I was the second drummer, the one that dropped a stick. Fun day.
That was me, and I remember you! Great job on the competition, it was a really difficult decision among the judges. All of you drummed circles around me!


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Class A, you should update everybody regarding your current activities. I remember when you posted here 20 times a day. Sounds like you're still having fun with your music. What jazz band are you in at University of Miami?
Hey yeah, I'm the drummer for the jazz band at Miami Univeristy, in Oxford Ohio. University of miami is in florida, but thats a perfectly acceptable mistake. Its alot of fun, and even though I'm not a music major, I was somehow able to fill the spot and its alot of fun. I'm just happy that i've been continually improving.