Pics from the Messe 2010


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Thanks for the Peace pics!

The Peace Kahuna 9 ply bubinga kit in the new Gothic Red finish looks amazing {last two pics}.

I missed being at NAMM 2010 but my new 9 ply Canadian rock maple Aqua Marine finish 14x5 1/2" snare made it there before making finding its way to Canada for this Peace endorser's matching Bop kit.

I'll go back and check out all the photos from the show and again thanks for the efforts!


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Holy cow! That Mapex Orion in that natural sort of birdseye finish is jut absolutely beautiful!

Thank you for the pictures : )


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Looks like "Hyperdrive" depths are the new trend - in that most brands are bringing them out to their more accessible kits now, don't you guys think?

I'd love to have a Yamaha Oak X kit. If not my other dream kit would be a Trick kit in white with black hardware with short toms and a very deep kick like that... Oh well one can dream eh?

Drums are beautiful *sighs*


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Do you happen to have pictures of Wang Percussion/DJ Drums?
Yes I have, I will upload them tomorrow, I am still wasted from the trip. (you now, all that beer and parties)
I was kind of a disappointed of DJ tho, they haven't shown much nice stuff this year.