Photo: Joe Morello & Buddy Rich Sharing Ideas 1961

Hollywood Jim

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It is really obvious to me that Joe asked Buddy, "how do you play so fast with your left hand?".
And Buddy said, "let's go into the cloak room and I'll show you".
And I think that Joe decided, in the end, that there was no need for him to play that fast with his left hand.

But it would be cool to have Buddy demonstrate, in a private lesson, exactly how he did it.



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Hmmm, normally when 2 drummers get together in a cloakroom, it's for something else! :O

Oh wait... that's guitar players!


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One can wonder if Buddy and ANYONE 'sharing ideas' really means Buddy saying,"let me show you how you're wrong." :)


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Morello! Damnit!

I told you not to the whole pile is gone!

Just for that, Uncle Buddy says 1000 single strokes with the left.


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Very nice to see :) I know he is pretty infamous for his attitude, but I also heard my fair share of pleasant stories about him... that and there were still a few drummers he really respected. Yeah it was in the vast minority but there were still some and he wasn't a TOTAL a-hole... he had his good moments.