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Played through it a couple of times, with my own beats and the transcribed stuff, and I think this is a brilliant idea. The music is a bit too mellow for my tastes, but it's nice to play with.
More artists should release these kind of things!


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I'm downloading ...

I was just listening to Weather Report this morning thinking I will never be able to play along ...



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All the tracks from Joy Luck are included in full performance, and minus drums, minus bass, and minus keys forms. Additionally, the tracks missing an instrument have an optional click track with adjustable volume control.

A mixture of scores, lead sheets, and solo transcriptions are available for each track as well -- usually all of the above for each song.


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Was just about to post a topic on this but then saw that you guys had already found it -- glad you're enjoying it so far!

I collaborated with Peter on the development side, here's the direct link to the app store:

Erskine Joy Luck PlayAlong

We'd love to hear what you think, please let us know what you think through the Support link within the app!

Enjoy... Here's the blurb from Peter's site:


Peter Erskine releases bargain PlayAlong app for entire rhythm section

The album “Joy Luck,” featuring my New Trio with Vardan Ovsepian on keyboards and Damian Erskine (my nephew) on electric bass, gets its title inspiration from Amy Tan’s epochal novel “Joy Luck Club.” This play-along “Joy Luck” compilation gets its inspiration from there being a need for a modern jazz-based trio “music minus one” offering that was

1. not dated-sounding
2. not overly-complicated
3. not “Fusion”-based … or loud
4. not too pricey

Plus good music that’s relevant to the playing challenges and issues that today’s students and professionals encounter every day in their musical lives.

This project is noteworthy for several reasons, one of them being that my recording work of the last several years has all been “live,” on-stage or in the recording studio, with no chance of removing the sound of the drums from the overall mix of the other instruments. “Joy Luck” was recorded in such a way that all three instruments enjoy sonic isolation, thus giving drummers, bassists, keyboard players or any aspiring soloist to become part of the band. The band tracks are mixed and constructed so that the music may be practiced to or performed for school recitals, juries or even in concert.

The best way to learn any piece of music is by ear. “Joy Luck” provides lead sheet charts, identical to what we used in the studio to make the album. There are also exhaustive transcriptions of the bass and drum parts and solos for study and emulation if desired.

Each tune is accompanied by PDF files of the charts, transcriptions, etc., in addition to multiple mix stems for customized use (click options including count-in only or for the entire duration of the tune. Note: it is very easy to use the click volume slider to change the relative volume of the click or to get rid of it completely during practice or performance!).

Where existing PlayAlong tracks @ iTunes sell for .99¢ per tune/per instrument, the Erskine Joy Luck PlayAlong app features eleven tunes with music-minus mix stems for drums, bass, piano and solos, all for $4.99. The Erskine Joy Luck PlayAlong app is now available on the App Store.