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I was a member of the PAS years ago in college, because our drumline teacher wanted us to be and also we needed to be members for an upcoming competition. I liked all the literature and everything. (It was also a good pickup line at the local college bars to be able to say I was a member of the PAS, once I revealed I was a drummer.)

I'm wondering now, that I'm well past my college days and well into middle age making a living outside of music, how the PAS would enhance my drumming and playing knowlege, or is it mainly for schools and colleges. In other words, would a 52 year old gray-haired guy benefit from it?

Any ideas?


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I am a member of PAS and write method book reviews for their journal, Percussive Notes. If you haven't been a member in a while, you may not know about the ePAS membership. It allows you to get the full membership benefits while accessing the journal online only. Or, of course, you can get a regular membership and receive the hard copy of the journal.

The journal is a wealth of information focusing on all percussion - drumset, mallet percussion, tymoani, steel drums, etc... Member get full access to the PAS website, which has video galleries, educational information, and archived copies of Percussive Notes dating from 1963 to present - all accessible online.

And of course there is PASIC, the convention, which has a ton of clinics. Now some may think that it is just filled with orchestral clinics. But, during the three day convention last November, there were clinics and/or concerts by:
  • Ralph Peterson
  • Chuck Silverman
  • Ralph Humphrey
  • Walfredo Reyes Sr.
  • David Stanoch
  • Donny Gruendler
  • Joe Bergamini
  • Anthony Cirone
  • Chad Smith
  • Mike Johnston
  • Steve Fidyk
  • Robby Ameen
  • Michael Spiro
  • Jason Bittner
  • Peter Erskine
  • Rich Redmond
  • Bob Breithaupt
  • Dave Weckl
  • Ed Soph
  • Glen Kotche

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Thanik you Jeffwj! That is a ton of great information. I am considering joining to expand my knowledge. I'll probably subscribe to the online journal only since I don't need another print laying around. Thanks again!