Peart - would you hang out with him?


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I would definitely be talking music with the guy. I can talk about other stuff with anybody. But if I had the drummer from Rush to talk with, you're darn right I'd be picking his brain. I probably wouldn't talk drums, as much as I'd want to hear his road stories and his general outlook on his experiences. Like I wouldn't be asking him his favorite head combination lol. I want to hear the groupie stories lol, things you can't read about.


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kinda catch 22...

How would I know unless I met him?

Remember...everything you have read or seen is part of his profession as an entertainer. I don't believe we could truly know who he is ahead of dedicated time interacting....and then that definition would vary widely between people.

I'm betting the most interesting people to know are not well known...and a fair share of 'known' people would be uninteresting beyond the marketing.


I think the question should be Would he hang out with you? He's a pretty antisocial cat.


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I'd definitely hang, Ive always wanted to ask him if he thinks Rush would have more mainstream appeal if they found a singer.


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If I had the opportunity to hang out with him, I'd probably want to talk more about writing than drums. I think it'd be cool to learn what makes him tick when coming up with such deep lyrics. I know I could never play like him, so I wouldn't dare insult him by pretending.

I'm sure if you could ever get into his inner circle, he would be a great friend. I bet he's very loyal to the friends he does have. Kinda reminds me of a friend I used to have. Deep thinker, brilliant, but socially awkward.

On a short term basis, I think Geddy would be more fun.


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oh yea,
someone who is cares about what they are doing ,( whatever) and do it with all they have and want to do there best,
is worth having a beer with, ill talk about digging up worms to go fishing.
wow isnt it windy today neal?
oh but if music came up? being a former bass player.
he would get pissed at me for talking about g. lee


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Absolutely I think it would be fun to have a beer with him. And I would probably steer clear of business talk. My personal family life does echo his and while I think it might be an intimate discussion to have, from his books and interviews, I'm thinking we would want to keep it more lighthearted.


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Colorado Miracle - sent by my friend Rob Wallis (Hudson Music) and Neil....
enjoy this nice story...
That is fantastic!

I didn't miss the part where Neil casually mentions in passing a psycho-stalker who threatened violence against him.

Neil is a really good writer—whether in the realm of song lyrics or journal entries—and I can't understand how anyone can read what he says and find issue with him.

The real problem is fans, including some of us. The expectations are ridiculous. If someone threatened me because of a psycho obsession with my drumming (luckily, I'll never have that problem!), I'd keep my distance from fans, too. Who needs to put up with that kind of nonsense?

Fans can be insane.


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Wow, that is so cool! That would have been Peart's first Rush tour, yes? Those guys were just young whippersnappers back then! What was the show like?

Also very cool.
The show was awesome. I don't think it was their first because I think Neil started playing on tour with them before they made FBN. My best friend and bass player was trying to get me to go to the stage to see them (it was an outdoor show). But I was not moving fast enough for him standing around BSing with friends. Then he grabbed me just before some of the finer licks in Fly by Night caught my attention. We went directly to the stage and I never moved the rest of the show. I was probably about 16 or 17 at the time.

Geddy was playing his blue rick. I was struck by Neil precision and he played like very few had before him. He didn't have the old style sound that Ginger Baker had or John Bonham. He didn't have the tight double stroke sound of Carl Palmer. All drummers I was familiar with. His style in my opinion was more open, clean, and precise.

I know a lot of this is based on a young kids over the top view of bands, but I really just felt like these guys played what they wanted, not what the public or managers or record companies wanted.

I have seen them probably a dozen times since then. Definitely more a fan of the older stuff. I am not sure I even like Clockwork Angels. But I will always like to listen to Neil and Geddy.


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I would want to talk to him about anything but drums or Rush. I know the music as well as anyone and I have seen the interviews with the back stories. I think I would rather discuss cars with him or what he does when he is NOT behind a kit.


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While i love rush and neil.. i don't think i would want to meet them 1 on 1 or hangout.. There is no upside and the downside is possibly destroying a lifetime of being a fan..


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No Rush fan here, and I bristle at the pathetic sight of people idolizing Neil Peart (or any other man). But I've never considered him anything other than a decent man who is afflicted with all the shortcomings the rest of us wrestle with. I resent the fact that he rarely meets with fans after a show as do Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee. It doesn't matter that he is either shy or simply arrogant, his fans have made him very wealthy, and no matter how many goobers he may have to deal with, those goobers are fans, they adore him, and they regularly cough up lots of hard-earned money to see him perform. Lifeson and Lee appreciate their fans, and Peart should force himself to at least pretend to do the same.

All that said, YES I would take the opportunity to hang with Peart for a day. And i would be exceptionally nice and try to make a new friend. And i would talk about drums, too, for crying out loud! That's the only thing we would initially have in common. I'd make sure he'd have fun, and so would I. But I would not treat him any differently from any other guy. Because he is just a guy.

So give me a call, Professor, and we'll go for a ride.



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Although I am not a RUSH fan, what exposure I have had of Neil over the years has left me believing he's a pretty deep guy, a thinker, and seems quite articulate and I would definitely like to spend some time talking with him about whatever.

Anon La Ply

Question is, would he want to hang out with me? That's a bigger deal ;)
Yup, I doubt he's short of no-name drummers wanting to be his friend.

I'd like to talk philosophy with Neil in the impossible scenario of him bumming around in Sydney and I happened to run into him at a cafe.


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I was able to attend one the very few drum clinics Neil ever gave back in 1992.

I was going to PIT at the time. Rush was playing two nights in a row at the same venue. So he offered the school the chance to have students come down to the venue on the 2nd day and he gave a clinic right on the stage. It was a limited event, and we had to enter a lottery to get one of the spots.

No cameras, and no autographing of anything we brought, but he did give every student an autographed poster. I still have mine framed.


Naturally, Ants has already met him. What thing I want to do in life has he NOT already done yet?? One of these days I'm going to show up at my mom and dad's house to find it empty and learn they've moved to New Jersey to spend more time with "this wonderful young man who is like a son and an amazing drummer."

it really was very brief... maybe 5 minutes total

and Neil seemed very excited to talk drums .... I asked him one question about the stands being bolted to the riser and he kind of got all giddy and went on and on sort of describing all the things he loves about the kit .... I remember he would laugh after everything he said .... it seemed like a nervous reaction type thing


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More and more people nowadays have been mistaking me for him, LOL... I swear I'm really NOT trying to cop the NP vibe! I don't even play like him.

But as far as hanging out, sure... I'd hang with him, if not to discuss all things not related to drumming.


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I've never been taken in by the whole celebrity status thing at all, so I respect anybody's desire for privacy as much as I hope they respect mine. That said I would enjoy hanging with Neil but only if it occurred in the course of a "normal" friendship, not a contrived meeting. Odds of that happening are slim and none, but if it did, it would likely revolve around motorcycles and not music.


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When I was a kid, Neil was my idol. I would have killed to meet him. I probably would have fit the "drooling sycophant" label at that time.

Today? Of course I would. I would be honored. I don't sit around idolizing Rush anymore, but that music is still a huge part of my life, and so was Neil's influence. I already have tickets to their upcoming tour stop in Detroit.

Naturally, Ants has already met him. What thing I want to do in life has he NOT already done yet?? One of these days I'm going to show up at my mom and dad's house to find it empty and learn they've moved to New Jersey to spend more time with "this wonderful young man who is like a son and an amazing drummer."