Pearl Session Elites?

I have had a Pearl Session Elite kit since literally as long as I remember. If memory serves, my parents bought it for me when I first started drumming, at the advice of my first teacher, as it was local and a good price. What must be 10 years on (at least), I can't find much about the kit. What were they made from? What level kit are they? To my ear, they sound amazing. Deep and punchy, the bass drum is like a gunshot!
Sizes are 22/12/13/16 with 14x6.5 steel snare, the kit is black.
While I have the advice and attention of some of you lot, does anyone have a matching 10" tom and/or a 14" floor tom they'd consider selling?
I've included a cheeky photo with a pic of a 10" black tom I had lying around, the rest is the pearl :)
All advice much appreciated!


Mike Woolley

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I have this same kit, same vintage, same black lacquer finish.
I understand these are birch inside and out with mahogany in between.
Which is a very nice combination birch being clear and bright
and mahogany being full deep and darker.
I suspect back then the mix of woods was a money saving thing
but now the industry has recognized that some of the best sounding drums
are mixed wood and that is now a high end drum characteristic and desirable.
Note the mapex saturns that are walnut and maple and sound great.
However, I do have a 10 inch tom along with the 12, 13 and 16.
But I too would love a 14 floor tom, have been looking with no success.
I have a 16 floor tom converter to kick and a 14 would really make for a nice
bop kit with the 10.

I also have a black original session series kit 22, 12, 14, from the same
generation and sometimes use the 14 with the elites. It is a wrap,
regular lugs not high tension, and the shell is maple and mahogany,
but it blends pretty well sound wise.

These kits are getting harder to find for sale, I suspect folks are realizing what
nice sounding drums they are and starting to hold on to them.

I have too many drums sets and was gonna offer to sell you mine and you would
have a double bass monster elite set, with a 10 x 10, 2 16 x 16 FTs ala Buddy Rich,
but I am not sure I want to do that.
Selling these makes no sense really, they do not fetch much in relation to their sound,
durability, and road worthyness.

One more thing, other drummers tell me they sound great, but, don't I want to
get optimounts (or such) for them. I say "No" because that makes your drums heavier
to haul around, more stuff to break or fail, and, I think they sound great as is.
Do you hear that? Have you tried any kind of suspension mounts with yours?
I have held one up by the rim and hit it right after careful tuning in the mount
and I swear I cannot tell any difference. I do not know if it is these drums, but,
I suspect this whole suspension mount stuff is bogus, or at least marginally
meaningful sound wise. I have a recent set of master series with optimounts,
cast rims, high end maple shells, and these elites sound just as good
and are easier to tune.

Best, Mike
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