Pearl Reference Midnight Fade or Rhythm Blue?


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Looking at the Pearl Reference finishes, I am liking the Midnight Fade and Rhythm Blue finishes the best. Has anyone seen these two finishes side by side and if so, how do they look? Are they both based off of the same blue or are they a little different? What about hardware?


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are you ordering a new kit or buying a used one, I don't see either of those finishes listed on Pearl's website under the reference series????

Blk Diamond

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Hey CrashMonkey,

Blue is my favorite color, so I really like your choices.
Both are great finishes and would look fantastic on a Reference kit.
However, they are not the same shade of blue. Rhythm Blue is more of a royal blue.
Midnight Fade, on the other hand, is almost a dark blue/purplish color combo.

The first time I saw Midnight Fade in person, I knew right away that was the color I wanted for my kit.
Midnight Fade is like a chameleon.
Sometimes it can look black, but when the light hits it just right, it explodes into a beautiful shade of color.
If I could afford to have multiple high-end kits, I would love to also have a kit in Rhythm Blue.

As far as hardware, I went with chrome because of its timeless classic look.
It also helps to bring out and define the drums due to their darker shade of color.
They can look just as cool with black hardware. It really comes down to ones personal taste.