Pearl Ludwig or gretsch?

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They're all good brands. Lots of metal guys in this forum play Mapex too. I've played Tama for a long time myself. It's really hard to say. You should go find a drum shop and try out a few drums if you can. Either that or just play what your favorite drummer plays.


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Which of them have you seen, played in person.? Go bang on some drums before you make a decision.


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I agree that you should go to a shop and try some out. Don't be intimidated of this process nor be in a hurry. If you spend a few months going to the drum shop(s) and reading stuff on this forum you'll get a good idea.

There really isn't a company that makes drums specifically suited for a genre. Those companies try to make the best sounding drums they can for a specific price point. Figuring out who does it best for you is a personal decision. Take your time...and enjoy the process of learning what you like.

Which takes playing some drums. Enjoy!


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OK, first, welcome to Drummerworld.​
Now, give us a little info. How old are you? How long have you been playing? Do you have a kit now? Cymbals? Hardware? Are you in a band? Is this kit going to be a working mans kit, or are you just gonna set up in your bedroom and lay down the groove there?​
There's like 20 kits on that link, and they're all intermediate level kits. All made in China (I think). So they're all gonna have very similar fit-and-finish. There are a ton of threads covering this topic, already. Use the search function, and prepare for info. overload.​


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When you get in to the top of the line kits that are offered by all of the manufacturers, there really is not much difference. A three ply maple shell is a three ply maple shell regardless of what name tag is on it. What I have discovered is that it basically comes down to who offers the finish and hardware that you really like. I agree with what others have said, go play some kits and see what you like. Some guys like birch, some like maple, or acrylic It's all personal preference.


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Well, if you've never played drums before, I don't think "any" of these kits will disappoint you. They're all light years better that the first kit I had (a 1967 Japanese stencil kit).​
You might wanna concern yourself more, with sizes. I'm 5'6", and been playing for 45+ years. I'll make darn near any size work for me, but a newbie, if you're shorted than me (if that's possible), you might wanna stick with a 20 or 22 inch kick drum. My "personal" favorite, the double bass Ludwig, two kicks are THE standard metal drum set. Though, I'd probably only run one rack tom (the 13, on a snare stand).​
Second pick, would be the Pearl VBA SKULL finish. 1 up, 2 down, is my favorite configuration, and a SKULL finish, hey, that's metal .... the only thing better than SKULLS, would be FLAMING SKULLS.​

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I'd recommend avoiding the Ludwig Accent: I've played a couple of these and found the hardware to be pretty ropey. The metal on the bass drum claws and tom arms was especially poor. They have these kits in the rehearsal rooms I use and it's clear they're not up to the kind of punishment a kit usually gets from inexperienced players.

I, like countless other drummers, learned to play on a Pearl Export kit and those kits were very durable and could withstand a great deal of abuse. The modern equivalent is the Pearl Vision series and although I've not played one I understand that Pearl's build quality for this series remains high and you tend to get a lot for your money if you buy the complete kit package.

Good luck and have fun.


i'm a gretsch disciple, but for metal you gotta go pearl. they are the new school manufacturer and their drums punch like mike tyson!!! the vision with the birch shell is awesome… not too expensive but they sound and look professional. but definitely go and play around on all the drums you are interested in before making a final decision.

Anthony Amodeo

my heart says Gretsch

but honestly ....can you really go wrong with any of those companies?

play them all and see what speaks to you


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I test drove the Ludwig Epics they are nice sounding and incredible looking, they will be my choice for a second kit when the time comes!


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I think if you want a new kit its really hard to beat yamaha stage custom 5 piece set which can be had for $625 brand new. For $800+ range I'd go with ludwigs new club date. For $1200 range I'd choose gretsch renowns. Do your research and don't rush to buy.