Pearl ePro Live


Has anyone tried the new Pearl ePro Live kit, or heard anything about it? I think the idea is pretty good because you can switch from electric to acoustic just by switching off the heads and replacing the cymbals. It also looks pretty sick. Let me know what you think

Heres the link:


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apparently according the the folks who went to NAMM its a good idea poorly executed. i guess it was rushed since it was pearls main attraction and were trying to top last times demon drives.


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I've yet to see one in a store.

Which I only find odd because at NAMM my friend at Pearl was telling me how much support the dealers were giving the product.

So I don't know if there was supposed to be this delay in shipping, or if the negative reviews caused them to go back to the drawing board.


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I heard they kind of rushed it to market to get it out there in time for NAMM. I've encoutered very mixed reviews from people who have played them.


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These kits are garbage! Ive played on them at GC and they are very sluggish and prone to misfires. Roland's bottom of the line TD3 has better playability than these kits. I was looking forward to the E Pro Live debut and was severly let down. Someone should get the axe!


I've played several and I feel Pearl, Again, came up short. I would much rather have a Roland TD 9SX or TD 12 Ekit.



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I too have played this kit at my local GC and two things that blatently stood out are as follows;

The heads exhibited major "spider cracks" all over and didn't look like they were going to last much longer. Granted, I'm sure the kit has seen a lot of use from all manners of drummers - from beginners to the heavy hitters, although GC tends to hand out tooth pick sized drumsticks. I can also say that the kit hasn't even been there for one year yet. Seeing this doesn't inspire confidence in the durability of the heads.

The other issue I found was two-fold. There were mistriggers and more importantly it lost all dynamics based on velocity. The sensitivity was completely gone - you had to really lay into the heads to get a signal/sound.

All in all I'm not impressed compared to other offerings...


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If you like this idea, BoomTheory (SpaceMuffins) has been doing this a long time and they do it VERY WELL.


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When I got my Rolands I looked at every set in the store including this one and though it may have looked the did not impress me..the only tough descion I had was Roland or Yammy and Roland just seemed to me to be built better and had the edge on sound quality..again IMO.. Pearl layed an egg I'm afraid here.. They do make some great snares though!


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Just wondering if anyone has more recent experience with this kit? Has Pearl fixed some of the issues?

Pearl didn't even bother to have them at NAMM last January.

While they don't appear to be discontinued, Pearl stopped pushing them.