Pearl BLX MLX question


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Were the Pearl BLX MLX good drums for their day? Would you still consider them to be good drums even today? And were they made in Japan?

Guitar Center has this beautiful black lacquer kit on sale for 499. I have the urge to trade in my old exports towards these but the BLX and MLX are before my time so I don't know anything about them.



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They were the top of the line kits during their time, used by big name pros all over the world.

BLX = Birch

MLX = Maple.

The 1st drum shop I worked in sold a lot of them back in their day.

Getting a pro kit for $499 is a great deal. They'll certainly sound better then Exports.

Are they as good as top of the line kits today? That is somewhat debatable. The shells are of the same quality, the long lugs and lack of suspension mounts make them not quite on par as far as the latest features, but it's going to cost 3 to 4 times more to get a comparable kit with the latest updates. Overall they were good enough to be on tons of albums and top of line tours in the 80's.