PDP Concept maple/birch`


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Whats your opinion on pdp's new move with the Concept? I've been asking them around and too my knowledge, It seems like an X7 with more finishes, same shells, but dw performance hardware accessories? Is it worth the hype? In no way am i trying to bash Pdp i just want honest opinions or what you guys think? Gretsch Catalina Competition?...



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I got an email about these yesterday morning.

My first thought was they were the DW answer to the Mapex Mydenity (particularly that you can have maple or birch), but they don't have nearly the same number of options or finishes.
Certainly a response to the Gretch Catalina, as well as the Tama Silverstar, and some other similar kits.

It's kind of insane to me that one can get a maple or birch shell kit that cheap these days. Back when I would have been in the market for a low/middle end set, something like that would have been in the thousands.

By only question is how much are they going to cut into their own DW Performance line.

While I am sure they cut some corners to get the price that cheap, I really wonder, does anyone need a high end kit anymore assuming you like the sizes/finishes of something like this? If put these side by side with my DW collectors, with same heads, same mics, same everything, would anyone notice a difference in a blind sound test? Makes me wonder.

I also wonder about Cobus being in the add, but that's another thread!

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Hmmm, they certainly read well ;) Even the vernacular is "TM'd". I'm sure they're great value for money. let's face it, kits in this price range now offer so much compared to their price point counterparts in the 80's.

If you can get past the marketing & satisfy yourself that it sounds nice as an instrument, I say go for it. Being a cynical old fart, the video reminds me of the 15 minute public playing sessions at last year's London Drum Show ("constant competitive chops wailing", C.C.C.W, TM), & ("fundamentally accurate sized toms", F.A.S.T, TM) come on, really? So choosing the optimum sizes for a certain sound is now something innovative? A lot of adjustment attention paid to the audio capture too. Ignore me though, as I'm way too long in the tooth to appreciate the fine artistry of Corbus.

Hey, there's two things I do like the "concept" of though, reducing the mass of those boat anchor lugs, & graduating the mass of the hoops are both genuinely great ideas.


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Honestly, I don't think they sound as good as the Performance series... and I don't think the Performance series sounds as good as the Collector's series.... which I still don't even like very much. Yes, they're all nice maple kits, but there is a definite sound difference.