Parted Ways With Drum Teacher


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I suspect Todd is on the right track on the whole, I'd even go further to say that someone with 9 months' experience in anything stating what they should be learning from their teacher is ridiculous. Whatever happened to keeping your mouth shut and just trying to absorb as much information from the teacher as possible and letting them (after all they have the experience) decide what they feel would be best for your progress. At least that is how it was for me and my peers back in the day, and still would be, you did after all choose him as your teacher for a reason.
As a teacher myself I'd imagine you're one of those students who teachers can't stand, probably not listening, always have an answer, doesn't practice enough, thinks they know better, no respect... just as you probably are in daily life where for the same reasons people avoid you. I'd imagine the teacher couldn't wait to take you off his books to be honest and more than likely dreaded the moments of his life he was giving up for you just for the money, and clearly the money wasn't enough.
There, I said it!
And I would say someone clearly as bitter and spiteful as you has no business molding the minds and skills of children, or any student for that matter. There, I said it, too.


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Whenever you hire a pro...a lawyer, a doctor, a contractor, a teacher...

Go with your gut feeling. If it doesn't feel absolutely right, keep looking. Use references to meet a person, after that forget everything you've been told and listen to your gut. If there's something there, heed it.

Putting this advice to proper use can save millions lol.

Peanut butter and jelly is great, but peanut butter and sardines?

Nothing against peanut butter or sardines respectively, but the combination of the two? Eww.

Same thing applies to combinations of people.