Paiste Cymbal Polish ?


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Hey, Has Anyone Used The Paiste Cymbal Polish?
If So What Are You Experiences I Have Zildjian Cymbals
With The Exception Of My Hats Which Are Paiste :D
Many Thanks


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I use Wright's Copper Polish on my A Zildjians. It will over time remove the ink logos and if that is not a problem, I can recommend it.

Zildjian A's are mostly copper anyway.


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If you mean paiste cymbal cleaner, I've used it on my paiste sigs with no problems so far, but you should really follow with the paiste cymbal protecter as I think the cleaner eventually takes off the factory coating.

I also tried it on my one remaining sabian cymbal and it started to take the ink off so I'd be careful using it on anything else if you don't want to lose the ink.

I'd always stick to what the manufacturer recommends.. but I'm overly cautious ;-)